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Protect your loved ones from unwanted guests
The Cat Proof Mesh efficiently discourages pet scratching, protects against vermin, and allows for smooth airflow throughout the house.

Door Fly Screen

It serves as a fly screen for the door, as the name implies. It is made specifically for the needs and door dimensions.

Windows Fly Screen

OnlyflyScreens can improve the air quality in your home or workplace. With fly screens installed, you can leave your windows and doors open to let in fresh air without fear of insects, pollen, or other airborne allergens.

Bifold Doors Fly Screen

Onlyflyscreen, a pioneer in bifold door systems, sets the standard for style, functionality, and performance.

Cat-proof mesh window screen
Cat-proof mosquito net
Cat-proof retractable flyscreen
Cat-Proof pleated Screens

About Us


We love what we do!

Onlyflyscreen is committed to providing solutions for all of your insect screen requirements. Our objective is to provide modern and distinctive retractable fly screens, as well as to manufacture the best and most affordable retractable screens on the market.  We make no compromises in terms of quality or functionality. More…


With our innovative fly screens (instagram) and other solutions to protect from insects, you can turn your home into a fortress where insects are not allowed to enter. Thanks to the fine-mesh fabric of the fly screens – mosquitoes, flies, wasps, spiders, and other pests don’t stand a chance of entering your living space through windows, doors, or light wells in the basement. You can air your rooms in the summer months without problems and enjoy the warm time of the year without worries and without annoying buzzing noise or painful bites!

Our Happy Clients

It gets very hot in my flat so I wanted to be able to keep doors and windows open for long periods without letting lots of insects fly in.

Hope you are all well. I will of course write a review for you.

We are very satisfied with your service, from start to finish. The screens are amazing, you wouldn’t know they were there, very discreet.

We will see if they keep the cats in next time the weather is warm.

We are very satisfied with your service, from start to finish. The screens are amazing, you wouldn’t know they were there, very discreet.

We received fast and high-quality service from the only flyscreen team to create a more comfortable indoor space for our newborn baby.

Ever since I started working at home, I missed the air-conditioning atmosphere in the office. Thank you for helping me create an environment where I can work in front of the window for hours in the summer.

I got a quote and service in few weeks from the team. I am happy that I have created an environment where my dog Vinny can spend time comfortably at home without repelling the flies

My wife and I are really happy with the fly screen that has been installed. So much so that the guys measured our roof lanterns as well

You’ve been great throughout. Thank you!

Protect your loved ones from unwanted guests

With flexible options, you can protect your home from flies, bees, mice, or intrusive pets Insect screens are an effective protection against mosquitoes and other insects. Along with protection, our fly screen system also enables the flow of fresh air.Insect Protection

At Only Fly Screen, we go beyond protecting your homes from flies and mosquitoes, we work to beautify your living spaces and increase your comfort.

By visiting our Instagram page:

  • You can choose from different fly screen models and colors.
    You can see how custom-made fly screens are made for your homes.
    You can see how your homes become more comfortable and aesthetic with our fly screens.
    You can read our customers’ positive reviews.

At Only Fly Screen:

  • We are always with you with our experienced and expert team.
  • We offer long-lasting products using high quality materials.
  • We provide fast and reliable service.
  • We prioritize customer satisfaction.
  • Choose Only Fly Screen for your fly screen needs and feel the difference!

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