In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to effectively clean different types of screen doors, ensuring they remain in top condition.

How to Clean a Fly Screen Door

The method for cleaning your screen door will vary slightly depending on the type you have. Here are instructions for the most common types of screen doors:

Wire Screen Door:

  1. Remove Dust: Gently brush away dust from the screen with a soft brush or sponge.
  2. Make Soapy Water: Mix a mild detergent into a bucket of warm water.
  3. Wash the Screen: Dip a soft cloth or sponge into the soapy water, wring it out well, and gently wipe down the screen to remove all dirt.
  4. Rinse: Rinse with clean water to remove any soap residue. Repeat if necessary.
  5. Dry: Dry the screen with a dry cloth or allow it to air dry.

Pleated Screen Door:

  1. Remove: If possible, remove the pleated screen door from the window or door.
  2. Remove Dust: Gently brush away dust from the screen with a soft brush or sponge.
  3. Vacuum: Use the brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner on a low setting to remove any remaining dust and dirt.
  4. Make Soapy Water: Mix a mild detergent into a bucket of warm water.
  5. Wash the Screen: Dip a soft cloth or sponge into the soapy water, wring it out well, and gently clean the pleated areas by pressing them together.
  6. Rinse: Rinse with clean water to remove any soap residue.
  7. Dry: Dry the screen with a dry cloth or allow it to air dry.
  8. Reinstall: Once dry, reinstall the pleated screen door in the window or door.

Sliding Screen Door:

  1. Remove: Remove the sliding screen door from the tracks.
  2. Remove Dust: Gently brush away dust from the screen with a soft brush or sponge.
  3. Make Soapy Water: Mix a mild detergent into a bucket of warm water.
  4. Wash the Screen: Dip a soft cloth or sponge into the soapy water, wring it out well, and gently wipe down the screen to remove all dirt.
  5. Rinse: Rinse with clean water to remove any soap residue.
  6. Dry: Dry the screen with a dry cloth or allow it to air dry.
  7. Reinstall: Once dry, reinstall the sliding screen door in the tracks.

Additional Tips:

  • For stubborn dirt, you can use a solution of white vinegar and water. Mix the solution in a spray bottle and spray it on the affected areas. Let it sit for a few minutes, then gently scrub with a soft brush or cloth.
  • Never use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on screen doors. These products can damage the screen.
  • Cleaning your screen doors regularly will help prevent dirt and dust buildup and extend their lifespan.

I hope this helps!

Window Fly Screen

While living rooms are ventilated today, many practical solutions are employed to keep flies and other insects out. With the advancement of window fly screen models nowadays, suitable models for various living spaces may be employed. Wikipedia

On hot summer days, fly screen types that you may pick to both ventilate your home pleasantly and prevent flies from entering can help you create more comfortable regions in your living spaces. Flyscreen types suited for all living spaces may be implemented as one of the expert firms providing in this industry in the UK.

Window Fly Screen Models

There are many different options among the fly screen models specially designed for windows. Our company, where you can easily access the best fly screen models for the window, provides the application of different models suitable for all living spaces. In addition to achieving the best ventilation performance in living spaces with quality and new generation fly screen models, flies and insects are also prevented from entering.

The mild climate of England offers options to spend more time outdoors in the summer months. On the other hand, it is very important to choose window mosquito nets in order to fill the fresh air easily and prevent the entry of flies. By choosing the best fly swatter models, it is possible to prevent the entry of such foreign elements in your homes or workplaces.

Plug-in and plug-out Window Fly Screens

With its practical use and plug-in and plug-out features, fly screen models offer functional features in all areas of use. These fly swatter models, which provide many advantages for living spaces, ensure that your homes are safely ventilated. Fly swatter models suitable for doors as well as windows are very practical in terms of use. Many different alternative options can be preferred among window fly screen models.

By choosing different functional models, especially wire fly screen models for windows, you can ensure that your home is filled with fresh air and you can completely prevent flies from entering. You can make your living spaces much more comfortable and safe by choosing our company which produces solutions with window and door mosquito nets in the UK.

Does the Window Fly Screen Block the Air?

The main function of window mosquito nets is to prevent flies from entering. Thanks to its special surface, it prevents the entry of flies and allows the air to enter in the best way. The models prevent the entry of creatures such as flies without preventing air passage. You can completely prevent the passage of flies without having to compromise ventilation by choosing the models that you can get the highest benefit in fly screen preferences for the window.

It is possible to get maximum efficiency from window fly screens by taking advantage of the most suitable practical solutions for the size of the area where the fly screen is to be applied and the need. You can safely access special window and door fly screen models produced in accordance with the architectural features that are widely preferred in the UK from a single address. You can make your choices immediately among Plug-in and plug-out fly screen models and other alternative models.

How to Install Window Fly Screen?

Installing window mosquito nets is quite simple. First of all, it is necessary to choose the most functional fly screen model suitable for the type and dimensions of the window to be applied. Then, it is possible to install the mosquito nets by making the necessary arrangements in the application area. The fly screen models you choose during the day are easily applied to the relevant areas by our expert teams.

Thanks to our company, where you can choose the best fly screen models for use on windows and doors, it is possible to ensure the application of fly screens safely. By working with our company, which provides professional solutions in window and door fly screen applications in the UK, you can benefit from the most effective and practical solution against flies instantly. With the right choices among the windows fly screen models, you can immediately start both filling the fresh air safely into your living spaces and preventing flies from entering. Please Contact Us


Flyscreen for mosquitoes

Solutions against mosquitoes, which are the nightmare of many people in the summer months, are being researched by many people. Among these solutions, especially the use of mosquito nets is among the most effective methods. Our company, which is an expert in mosquito screen solutions, provides the best solutions for everyone who wants to get rid of mosquitoes with models suitable for all living spaces in the UK.

Although mosquito screen models, which are frequently preferred in living spaces today, are generally effective for all large and small flies, they may not prevent the passage of small mosquitoes due to their wide ranges from time to time. In order to avoid such problems, our company, where you can choose quality flies, offers you the best solutions under one roof. Wikipedia

What Can You Do to Avoid Mosquitoes?

The usage of mosquito netting is one of the most beneficial and practical options for entirely preventing flies from entering your house or business and allowing fresh air to readily enter. It is possible to pick models with small gaps to restrict fly passage, particularly wire fly swatter versions that allow complete air flow. Flyscreen for mosquitoes.

Fly passage is totally prohibited in door fly screen models, just as it is in window and glass fly screen models. You may prevent flies and other insects from entering your living areas by selecting fly screens that are appropriate for the general architectural elements of buildings in UK.

Does Mosquito Pass Through Flyscreen nets?

Today, many different mosquito net models are used in homes. The surfaces of these fly screen models have different openings. It is possible for smaller fly species such as mosquitoes to pass through these openings from time to time. Thanks to our company, which develops innovative solutions to eliminate this problem, it is possible to create comfortable and safe living spaces without any fly passage through the mosquito net. The best results are obtained by applying mosquito wire on windows and doors.

You can safely choose our mosquito nets that provide the most efficient level of air passage while completely preventing the passage of flies with plug-in features, easy cleaning and easy cleaning. Before making your choices among the mosquito net models for mosquitoes, you will need to choose the most suitable models for the usage areas.

Best Window Fly Screen Models

Mosquitoes and flies are among the main problems of many people in the UK, especially in summer and in more rural areas. You can safely choose our best mosquito net models for claws by taking advantage of professional solutions to eliminate these problems. You can safely obtain fly screen models suitable for your windows with options compatible with the general decoration of your home at a single address.

Window fly swatter models should be preferred in order to prevent the passage of uninvited guests such as flies, while the windows, which are one of the areas where flies pass the most, serve as ventilation in summer. You can completely get rid of mosquito problems with the most suitable mosquito net models for your windows.

Door Fly Screen Models

Fly screens can also be preferred on balconies, verandas and exterior doors to prevent the passage of flies. Fly screens, which have a wide range of usage areas and have different models, prevent the passage of flies while providing the best air circulation in all living spaces. By choosing the most suitable models according to the usage areas from our fly screen models for the door, much more comfortable and safe environments can be created in living spaces.

There are many different fly screen models that you can safely choose for doors or claws. You can completely prevent the passage of mosquitoes by choosing our mosquito nets with all suitable sizes and functional features according to your needs. You can start ventilating your living spaces in the most practical way by preventing the passage of all flies and other uninvited guests, especially mosquito net models for mosquitoes. contact us

As a cat owner, you want to ensure your feline friend has the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors safely. Cat netting provides a great solution, allowing cats to explore and play while keeping them contained within a designated area. However, with various types of cat netting available, it’s important to choose a durable option that can withstand your cat’s claws and playful antics.

The Durability of Cat Netting

Cat netting is typically made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a strong and flexible material that is resistant to tearing and UV damage. However, the durability of cat netting can vary depending on the mesh size and the thickness of the material. A smaller mesh size will provide a tighter weave, making it more difficult for cats to tear through. Similarly, thicker netting will be more resistant to wear and tear.

Choosing the Right Cat Netting for Your Cat

When choosing cat netting, it’s essential to consider your cat’s individual needs and personality. For indoor cats, a standard HDPE netting with a mesh size of approximately 1-inch should be sufficient. However, outdoor cats may require a heavier-duty netting with a smaller mesh size, such as 1/2-inch, to prevent them from escaping. Additionally, if you have a particularly playful or destructive cat, you may want to consider a netting reinforced with stainless steel wire for added strength.

Installing Cat Netting Properly

Proper installation is crucial for ensuring the durability and effectiveness of cat netting. The netting should be securely attached to a frame or structure using zip ties, cable ties, or other appropriate fasteners. It’s important to eliminate any gaps or loose areas where your cat could squeeze through. Additionally, regularly inspect the netting for signs of wear or damage, and make repairs as needed.

Benefits of Durable Cat Netting

Durable cat netting offers several benefits, including:

  • Increased safety for your cat: Prevents falls, encounters with predators, and exposure to hazards.
  • Peace of mind for you: Allows you to relax knowing your cat is safely contained.
  • Enhanced enjoyment of the outdoors: Provides a safe space for cats to explore and play.
  • Protection of your property: Prevents cats from damaging plants, landscaping, or other items.


With its durability, safety benefits, and ability to provide cats with a safe outdoor space, cat netting is a valuable investment for any cat owner. By choosing a durable netting option and installing it properly, you can ensure your feline friend can enjoy the outdoors safely and happily.

Is it possible to add a fly screen to an existing door?

All flies may be kept away from residential areas by using door mosquito nets. It is also feasible to use fly screen models that have the appropriate size and structure for the application region. With our fly screen applications on existing doors and windows for all living areas, we help you establish a fly-free living space.

With our fly-screen applications, we help you create a fly-free living environment.

Fly screens are a product with a very basic logic that has grown in popularity over time. It may be utilised in a variety of ways, with particular functional characteristics for all sectors, thanks to the evolving models. To add a fly screen to an existing door, choose the most functional models that are appropriate for the measurements, and the operation may be completed in minutes. wikipedia

Is the iron door equipped with a fly screen?

On the iron door, fly screen applications are conceivable. Pleated fly screen types offer safety benefits for steel, iron, wooden, and pimapen doors. These fly screen types, which will be made in accordance with the specifications of the door, will adapt to any setting by offering a variety of colour and design alternatives.

The most precise precaution against all large and tiny flies and other pests may be adopted thanks to these mosquito nets that can be put to balconies or outside doors in your home. Although successful results can be obtained by using other natural herbal methods to keep flies away from your home, the fact that it is more effective in the long run and offers a practical use in addition to being developed with attractive designs has ensured that mosquito nets are widely used everywhere.

How Do I Put Up an Exterior Door Fly Screen?

Fly screens, in addition to adhesive fly screen versions, can be used on the external doors of your house or other living areas. Installing mosquito netting to keep flies away from these regions would be the most cost-effective and always useful choice. Mosquito nets may be used on outside doors since there are versions for every door, window, and living area.

It is possible to finish the procedure of putting mosquito nets on the outer door by selecting the appropriate mosquito net model from a vast selection based on the type of door and demands. First, the door is measured, and mosquito nets are chosen based on their practical properties. The fly screen models that will be manufactured based on these measurements and characteristics are then readily assembled in the appropriate region. To add a fly screen to an existing door, proper measurements must be taken and the door must be constructed by an expert team.

What are Steel Door Fly Screen Models?

Thanks to the steel door fly screen models, fly screens can be easily applied to exterior doors today. The use of mosquito nets can be done not only for steel doors but also for all other door types. It is recommended that you make your preferences among steel door fly screen models according to the advantages of use.

Today, the use of mosquito nets is very important in order to obtain full protection against flies and other insects, which many people complain about, especially in the summer months. Fly swatter applications should be applied both to let in cool and clean air safely and to prevent flies from entering. We offer professional services in solving these problems with the best fly screen applications and fly screen models.

How to Measure the Fly Screen Door?

When taking the fly screen door size, the door opening should be determined well. First of all, it should be planned to install mosquito nets on the front surface and open side by determining the opening of the door where the mosquito net is desired to be installed.

After the width measurement, the height should be measured. Errors during the measurement process can cause serious problems during installation. For this reason, when installing mosquito nets on existing doors, it is recommended that you take action with the help of our experienced and expert teams in this field. In order to add a fly screen to an existing door, fly screen models that will provide maximum efficiency according to their functional features should be installed correctly after the measurements are taken correctly. Please contact us

fly screen door existing

fly screen to an existing door installion

cat net

Door fly screens are among the most practical solutions for protecting living areas from flies and other flying pests and insects, particularly in the summer. The door fly screen ventilates the living areas while preventing the introduction of such alien substances. Wikipedia.

Living rooms are secured from flies in addition to enabling air to enter. Door and window screens are among the most helpful and practical devices in this area. With fly screen types for folding doors, you can securely ensure that your living areas become more useful.

How Do You Measure a Fly Screen Door?

It is critical to select the appropriate size for the locations where mosquito nets are required. In addition to proper measuring, the most efficient mosquito net models must be chosen based on the region of usage for mosquito nets. When measuring for mosquito nets, first open the window and measure the width and height between the rubber seals in the fixed section.

The fly screen is easily measured by adding 8 cm to these dimensions. To measure the window or door fly screen, measure the height and breadth from the gasket to the gasket. With its UK-based operations, Door Fly Screen provides expert fly screen solutions for various living areas.

Which Fly Screen is the Best?

There are several fly screen styles available nowadays for living room doors and windows. To get the most out of these fly screen models, the models that are most suited to the application area must be chosen carefully. In general, hinged fly screens are the most helpful type of fly screen. With its inside and outward opening qualities, it may be utilised pleasantly. By properly selecting the most appropriate one from our door fly screen types, you can protect your home from flies and other insects while allowing in fresh air.

Although mosquito nets are commonly used in windows, patio door mosquito net types stand out in more rural and patio-garden areas. Our services in the UK continue with our best mosquito net models for individuals who wish to make their living spaces more secure.

Can a fly screen be installed on the steel door?

Fly screens can be used on steel doors as well as windows and balcony doors. Mosquito nets may be used suitably for all door types, including steel, wood, pimapen, and iron. The needs and desires must be appropriately identified in order to make the best selections from the available models.

Mosquito nets of many varieties, particularly mosquito nets for French doors, can be used on all types of doors. It is essential that you analyse their suitability with your living places as well as their functional aspects before purchasing these mosquito nets. As a result, you may make the proper option and protect your living areas from flies while allowing fresh air to enter pleasantly.

What are the different types of balcony door fly screens?

The outside space of your home includes balconies, which are one of the most essential areas of houses that open out. It is critical to make the greatest use of this space and to use mosquito netting to keep flies and insects out while letting fresh air in. You may make your living spaces safer by selecting our balcony door fly screen models or the most appropriate models based on other usage areas.

By selecting the best and modern fly screen models for all of your living spaces, such as balcony doors or patio doors, you can assure the establishment of more comfortable and useful rooms. By selecting our door fly screen models with confidence, you may benefit from the greatest solution options in the UK. With superior solutions and models, you can keep flies away from your living areas. Contact Us

Because you haven’t met yet. People who use these goods in their living areas frequently report issues such as the accordion fly screen being difficult to close or the fly screen being difficult to open. Mosquito nets are now nearly universally used in various living environments. However, if the appropriate fly screen models are not chosen based on the application area, the intended efficiency may not be realised. The proper products should be chosen to attain the greatest outcomes in fly screen models.

Many complications may develop if the anticipated effects from the usage of mosquito nets are not accomplished. People whose mosquito nets never function effectively will undoubtedly need to engage with the right firms and select the appropriate mosquito net types based on the application location. As a result, several answers to the topic of why mosquito nets never work correctly are frequently proposed.

Why is it so difficult to open the sliding screen?

If the sliding fly screen is difficult to open and cannot be utilised as comfortably as you would want, it will need to be repaired or replaced. In general, sliding systems can generate mechanical issues over time. To avoid these issues, sliding fly screen models must be utilised in the appropriate regions and installed appropriately using high-quality materials.

To avoid such issues with sliding fly screen models, pick models that are appropriate for the region where you wish to install a fly screen. It is critical to get professional assistance since flaws in the sliding mechanism or construction might create such issues.

Is the Fly Screen Effective?

It is common to notice that the air flow is not smooth after repairing a ripped fly screen. To avoid this issue, expert assistance should be acquired throughout both the repair and installation phases. Under normal circumstances, mosquito nets should not obstruct air flow. On the one hand, it is necessary to provide appropriate air movement, but it is also necessary to prevent the passage of flies and other undesirable guests.

Fly screen materials should be created using the proper goods in order to make living spaces more roomy and to effectively restrict the passage of flies without interfering with air movement. The materials utilised can provide an answer to the issue of why the fly screen never functions adequately.

Which Fly Screen is the Best?

Among the greatest fly screen models, there are several possibilities. From sliding fly screen types to plug-in fly screens, door and window screens, and other models, there are customised models ideal for all application areas. After selecting to use mosquito nets, doing a thorough investigation to determine which types are the best can assure optimal efficiency.

All mosquito net types made from high-quality materials and built by a skilled crew will offer you significant benefits in achieving the desired level of efficiency. According to their utilisation regions, all fly screen types are quite functional and beneficial in this regard. It keeps flies out and gives the most efficient outcomes by keeping the air flow at the right level.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Purchasing a Fly Screen?

People who commonly face issues such as pleated mosquito nets closing difficulty or not operating correctly should consider a few factors before purchasing mosquito nets for their living areas. The selection of fly screens based on these parameters ensures the greatest long-term outcomes.

Some of the details to consider when purchasing mosquito nets are as follows:

  • Those made of long-lasting, high-quality materials should be selected.
  • Pore size and mosquito netting should be considered.
  • Working with a skilled team should guarantee that the installation is done appropriately.

According to the regions to be used, both aesthetic and quality models should be chosen. If these flaws are addressed, questions such as why the fly screen never functions correctly will not occur.

Although natural fly and insect repellents are partly successful, the usage of mosquito nets will provide the greatest results for a long-term solution. Quality fly swatter models should be favoured to prevent flies from entering when the entrance or window is open, and the safest atmosphere should be supplied in living areas. Today, several fly swatter types have been produced for a wide range of applications.

It is possible to prefer various insecticides and natural fly-repellent herbal mixtures to prevent flies from entering when the door is open. Among these methods to be applied to keep flies away from your home when the door is open, the method that will give the best results in the long term with a one-time process will be the use of mosquito nets.

What steps should be taken to stop flies from returning home?

Installing mosquito nets on the doors would be the best course of action to prevent dealing with black flies on a regular basis and to obtain a certain outcome, even though there are certain herbal and chemical mixes that offer a fantastic way to get rid of them. Although various alternatives to mosquito nets are desired, using mosquito nets is advised since using other options won’t guarantee outcomes.

The following are briefly the primary techniques and doable fixes that may be used to stop flies from returning home:

  • Place suitable mosquito netting on windows and doors that are opened often.
  • Plants that deter flies should be planted on balconies or windowsills, such as lavender, basil, sage, and cloves.
  • Sprays made from natural ingredients might be chosen.
  • Before opening windows and doors, use door and window brooms to keep flies out.

All of these techniques may be combined to keep flies out of your house. In this way, especially on hot summer days, you may keep flies and other unwelcome visitors away from your home.

How Do You Get Rid of Small Flies at Home?

While treating flies outside is frequently doable with herbal natural combinations, the situation is different in the home. The proper procedures should be utilised to avoid the emergence of little flies and their entry from the outside. You may use natural and practical remedies instead of putting your health at risk with chemical pesticides.

To keep little flies out, first, choose to fly swatter models with the appropriate surface and place them on doors or windows. These flies, which will not find enough space to pass, will also not bother you.

Another vital consideration is that your home is neat and clean. Small flies can be attracted by accumulated trash, untended houseplants, and flowers. Fly repellent natural products can also be used to kill little flies at home. The most significant solution will be to utilise mosquito netting to keep flies away from your home when the entrance is open.

Which is the most effective fly screen?

Because there are so many alternatives among the finest mosquito net types, the region of use and demands must be well identified. If insects disturb you more where you live, for example, mosquito nets with fewer holes might be chosen to restrict the passage of tiny flies like mosquitoes.

It is important to select mosquito screen models that are appropriate for the region of usage in order to give the optimal air flow and prevent the passage of even the smallest flies. The best fly screen models will be those that can be picked most precisely based on the application. As a result, it may differ from person to person.

What else may be used in place of mosquito nets?

All approaches for controlling tiny flies, particularly medications or natural mixes, may become bothersome and ineffective with time. As a result, many alternatives to mosquito nets may not produce the intended results in the long run. When the door is open, your fly swatter preferences are critical for keeping flies away from your home.

Mosquito nets


Fresh air is a precious commodity, one that can invigorate our bodies and minds, improve indoor air quality, and make our living spaces more pleasant. It’s unfortunate that many people miss out on this simple pleasure because of pesky insects invading their homes. The solution? Fly screens. These unassuming heroes offer an effective barrier against unwanted guests, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own home. In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of fly screens and why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to let fresh air in.

The Value of Fresh Air

Fresh air is essential for our well-being. It not only provides much-needed ventilation but also carries numerous health benefits:

  1. Improved Indoor Air Quality: Fresh air helps dilute indoor pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and allergens, creating a healthier living environment.
  2. Better Sleep: A bedroom filled with fresh air is conducive to restful sleep. Good ventilation can help regulate temperature and humidity for a more comfortable night’s rest.
  3. Enhanced Productivity: In workplaces and study areas, fresh air can boost concentration, creativity, and productivity.
  4. Stress Reduction: Exposure to nature and fresh air has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and even the risk of depression.

The Insect Invasion Stop: Fly Screens

While the benefits of fresh air are well-known, the threat of insects can deter us from keeping windows and doors open. The intrusion of flies, mosquitoes, and other insects can not only be annoying but also pose health risks. They can carry diseases, contaminate food, and disrupt our peace. This is where fly screens come into play.

Fly Screens: Your Guardian Against Insects

Fly screens, also known as insect screens or mesh screens, are specially designed to keep insects out while allowing fresh air to flow into your home. They consist of a fine mesh or wire grid that is installed over windows, doors, and other openings. Here’s why they are invaluable:

  1. Uninterrupted Fresh Air: With fly screens in place, you can keep your doors and windows open without worrying about insects entering your living spaces. You get to enjoy the benefits of fresh air without the hassle of swatting away unwanted guests.
  2. Improved Health and Hygiene: By keeping insects at bay, you reduce the risk of diseases and infections associated with insect bites and contaminations.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Fly screens can also act as a barrier against dust and pollen, helping to keep your home cleaner. They enable natural ventilation, reducing the need for air conditioning, which can result in energy savings.
  4. Unobstructed Views: Modern fly screens are designed to be barely noticeable. They don’t obstruct your view or the aesthetics of your home, ensuring that you can enjoy the outdoors without compromise.
  5. Eco-Friendly Pest Control: Fly screens offer a green, chemical-free solution to insect control. Instead of using harmful chemicals or pesticides, you rely on a physical barrier that’s safe for your family and the environment.


In a world where we are increasingly concerned about the quality of our indoor environments, it’s crucial not to miss the opportunity to let fresh air into our homes. Fly screens are a simple yet effective solution to this problem, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of fresh air while keeping insects out. They provide an invaluable layer of protection against the health hazards and nuisances that insects bring. Don’t miss the chance to savor the natural goodness of fresh air – install fly screens and create a healthier, more comfortable living space for you and your family. Please Contact Us 

Mosquito nets

fly screens windows and doors