Fly Screens for Windows or Doors: Cost and Considerations

Fly Screens for Windows or Door Cost, Keeping pesky insects out of your home while enjoying fresh air is a common dilemma faced by homeowners. Fly screens offer a practical solution, providing a barrier against flies, mosquitoes, and other unwanted visitors without obstructing airflow or natural light. However, deciding between fly screens for windows or doors can be challenging, especially when considering the cost and other factors involved.

Cost of Fly Screens

The cost of fly screens varies depending on several factors, including the size of the opening, the type of screen, the material used, and the installation method. Here’s a general overview of the price range:

  • Window Fly Screens: The price varies based on the size, frame material, and mesh type.

  • Door Fly Screens: Door fly screens are generally more expensive due to their larger size and sturdier construction.

Considerations for Choosing Window or Door Fly Screens

Beyond the cost, several factors should be considered when choosing between window or door fly screens:

  • Size of the Opening: Measure the width and height of the opening accurately to determine the appropriate screen size.

  • Type of Opening: Consider the type of window or door opening. Sliding windows require different fly screens than hinged windows, and French doors may require specific screen designs.

  • Insect Protection: Evaluate the type of insects prevalent in your area. Choose a mesh with a suitable pore size to effectively block the targeted insects.

  • Material and Durability: Select a frame material that complements your home’s style and is durable enough to withstand weather conditions. Aluminum and PVC are common choices.

  • Installation Method: Decide whether you prefer self-installation or professional installation. Self-installation kits are available for DIY enthusiasts, while professional installation ensures proper fitting and functionality.

Additional Considerations

  • Aesthetics: Choose a fly screen design that blends seamlessly with your home’s exterior or interior décor.

  • Visibility: Opt for a mesh material that balances insect protection with clear visibility.

  • Pet-Friendly Options: If you have pets, consider pet-resistant mesh or a screen door with a pet flap.


Fly screens offer a valuable solution for keeping insects at bay while enjoying fresh air and natural light. By carefully considering the cost, size, type of opening, insect protection, material, installation method, and additional factors, you can make an informed decision between window or door fly screens for your home. Remember, investing in high-quality fly screens can enhance your comfort and enjoyment of your living space.  Please contact usa Fly Screens for Windows or Door Cost #Fly Screen Cost # Fly Screen Door Cost # Fly Screen Window Cost